Why The World Needs Heroes, "The Humility Of The Hero" & A Call To Action: Ben Greenfield's Speech From PaleoFx 2022.


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There's a revolution on the horizon...

...led by a collective of people who are willing to speak up for what they believe in. I call them heroes.

Today, more than ever, the world needs heroes. Now, I'm not talking about Rambo- or Terminator-type heroes. I'm talking about heroes who, like the great hero Jesus Christ, have the meekness and humility of a gentle lamb and the courage and ferocity of a mighty lion. We need heroes who can admit when they're wrong, and who tend lovingly to the garden of their spirit and their soul.

Recently, I had the opportunity to speak to a large audience about why it's imperative to surround ourselves with a community of individuals who know how to surrender, sacrifice, and serve. I was asked to give a keynote speech at Paleo f(x), the world's premier wellness event, covering the 7 pillars of health–physical, mental, emotional, relational, spiritual, financial, tribal, (and more!)–for optimizing your health, expanding your mind, and reclaiming your freedom. Over three days, there were 100+ speakers and 8,000+ attendees. It's one of the most fun, inspiring, and educational events I attend all year long. From the stellar speakers to the amazing networking, to the killer parties and food, nothing like it exists, period.

I could have spoken on any topic related to biohacks, gear, and fitness—as you know, I've spent plenty of time on those subjects in the past. What I felt called to reflect on, though, was this concept of heroism and the Hero's Journey. The theme of this year's Paleo f(x) was Primal Uprising, which felt like the perfect forum to delve into something a little more important. My inspiration for the speech was the article The Humility Of The Hero: A Call To Action (& 4 Ways To Be The Hero The World Needs Right Now).

It's scary crossing over from your ordinary world, but nothing can replace the feeling of when you reach deep down and speak up for what you believe in. Here, I share the entire keynote speech from Paleo f(x), during which I talk about the Hero's Journey, overcoming addictions, the importance of serving others, and much more. I hope you find it inspirational.

In this episode, you'll discover: -Why this generation needs heroes... -The Hero's Journey defined... -Why we're wired to embrace the Hero's Journey... -Surrender your attachments and addictions... -Why a real hero often defies the romanticized stereotypes... -Service is the foundation of the hero's journey... -Put on your spiritual armor... -What to do when you feel the call to the Hero's Journey... -How do you identify your mission and purpose in life?... -And much more... Episode sponsors:


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