The Future Of Plants, Sustainable Agriculture, Vertical Farming, AI-Driven Personalized Nutrition, Child Education & More With Willo's Sam Bertram.


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Samuel Bertram is the CEO and co-founder of OnePointOne, an AgTech startup in the Bay Area that has developed the most sophisticated indoor farming technology in the world.

Born in 1993, Samuel grew up with his brother, John (co-founder and CTO of OnePointOne) in Wheelers Hill, Victoria, Australia. Samuel (and John) came to the United States to play collegiate tennis in 2011. Samuel captained his Division 1 Tennis team at Santa Clara University and graduated in 2016 with a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering, and in 2018 with an M.S. in Robotics and Mechatronics. While at Santa Clara, Samuel was involved in the creation of an autonomous marine vessel as well an autonomous omnidirectional robot. Samuel’s Master’s Capstone Project was the origin of OnePointOne’s technology.

Samuel and John founded OnePointOne, Inc. in July of 2017 with a mission to nourish the 1.1 billion people that began this millennium hungry. Since then, Samuel has raised over $60M from notable investors such as Fred Luddy, Novak Djokovic, and HRH Khaled bin Alwaleed. With that funding, the incredible team at OnePointOne has built the most advanced vertical farming technology on the market (according to Bain & Company). OnePointOne, Inc. employs a completely unique combination of aeroponics, automation, and AI, and stands apart in the field of indoor farming in terms of productivity, resource efficiency, and data capabilities.

OnePointOne’s Cultivation Chambers (CCs) are two-story tall, fully-enclosed cubes that grow a wide variety of berries, flowers, root crops, and leafy greens. Their fleet of robots manages the facility’s operations, which include: plant movement, plant inspection, cleaning, light movement, and more. OnePointOne plans to build hundreds of these CCs throughout the world to combat major crises in health, nutrition, and medicine. OnePointOne focuses on robotics and automation, agricultural technology, plant-based food and medicine, digital cities, and the Human condition.

Recently, OnePointOne launched "Willo", which is the future of personalized nutrition. Willo grows the best tasting produce on the planet. Members discover how complex, robust, and delicious produce can be. And their greens are built to last. With Willo, you can guarantee that your produce will last 2-4 times longer than what you would find at a conventional grocery store. Gone are the days of throwing out expensive greens that spoil just a few days after buying with them.

Everything Willo grows begins exclusively with a non-GMO seed, with each plant receiving the perfect mixture of elements to maximize taste and nutrient density. By providing the ideal composition of elements for each crop, they can grow exceptional produce in significantly less time while amplifying the plant’s natural ability to fuel and heal you.

Willo's technology virtually eliminates the environmental impact of agriculture. Designed with sustainability in mind, Willo’s crops are grown in a 100% controlled environment. This means that every single farming element is meticulously cared for, including the seeds, light, water, nutrients and air, resulting in the most pristine produce on the market. Their farms can grow anywhere on the planet all year round.

Imagine the most perfect tomato you’ve ever eaten, grown in the dead of winter and delivered to your doorstep mere days after it’s been harvested. Remember the taste of that fresh lemon basil you had on that trip to Thailand, and every other noodle dish has paled by comparison since—how would you like a fresh supply always in your kitchen? Picture a super kale that delivers an amazing supply of 4 vitamins and minerals in a single serving and tastes unbelievably delicious while doing it. And that’s just the beginning.

During this discussion, you'll discover: -Sam's journey into the health and fitness field... -Discussing wholesome parenting techniques... -How Sam developed an interest in helping people through better nutrition... -The moment Sam opened his heart to the betterment of humanity... -The essential elements of the Willo brand... -Aeroponics and AI farming... -How an app can allow you to personalize your nutrition... -How the Willo differs from other vertical farming systems... -What's the carbon footprint of Willo... -The future of vertical farming... -And much more... -And much more!... Upcoming Events: Resources from this episode:

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