005 | Emily Rosen: Starving for Connection


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Emily Rosen, Director of the Institute for the Psychology of Eating, shares her story of overcoming anorexia and bulimia. Here’s the show notes!

4:12 - Emily’s transition from homeschool to high school leaves her feeling crazy around food and on the slippery slope from diet to eating disorder. 7:25 - How strict eating habits during Emily’s childhood affected her attitude toward food and health. 13:47 - Exactly how much Emily was (or wasn’t!) eating during the worst of her struggles and how it started affecting her body. Plus, the shocking source where Emily learned about bulimia and how to purge. 18:51 - The moment Emily realized her weight loss was drastic even though she couldn’t see it in the mirror. 21:45 - Why you should NEVER comment on another person’s body shape, and what you can do instead if you’re concerned about a loved one. 25:10 - Are eating disorders just about control? The many reasons why some turn to eating disorders and what Emily feels was the source of her own struggle. 28:27 - Emily’s romantic relationships suffer due to her eating disorder, as she refused to eat anything on her wedding day and is a “shattered human” when her marriage falls apart. 37:52 - When Emily realized she needed help and why it took her so long to recognize she had a problem. 43:43 - A new job fills Emily with satisfaction and provides relief from her eating disorder, and eventually leads her into the nutrition world. 45:33 Why health is about so much more than food, and why Emily will never answer the question, “What do you eat?” 54:55 The number one thing Emily feels is vital for everyone and believes was key to her recovery. 58:14 The lasting physical repercussions of her eating disorder and what it’s taught Emily about the human body. Learn more about Emily and The Institute for the Psychology of Eating at www.eatingpsychology.com Register for the FREE Transforming Your Relationship with Food webinar at www.seancroxton.com/rosenwebinar

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