An Herb Day Tribute to Cascade Anderson Geller


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HAPPY HERB DAY! How lucky I am to be able to live up here on Mt. Hood, a place with so much abundance of life especially in the Spring. In fact, this episode was recorded out in my local forested riverway. And as I watch the river wend its way through the landscape, I take a moment to reflect on my own Herbalist’s Path and the influential people who guided my way. Although I’ve been fortunate to study with some brilliant herbal teachers, there’s one woman that planted the seed of all seeds and my encounters with her brief, they profoundly shaped my journey as an herbalist and healer. That woman is Cascade Anderson Geller.

An herbal practitioner and educator for over 30 years, Cascade was an herbalist, teacher and passionate environmental activist. She was one of the first generations of herbalists to rejuvenate herbalism in the 70’s during a time when it had been almost entirely pushed into obscurity in the United States. Cascade was on the faculty of three naturopathic colleges in the US and has lectured widely throughout North America. She taught classes and led herb walks all around the world and closer to home in Oregon. Her sweet voice shared all sorts of wisdom, from plant uses to clinical pearls, to connection with place, to encouraging a strong sense of activism to protect our beautiful places from poisons and destruction. She was a cherished member of the herbal community until she passed into the light on Herb Day, May 4th, 2013.

In this episode I remember Cascade, the deep influence she had on me, and the connections that even now I find anew, forever bringing me closer to her spirit, one that I hope to carry on. So enjoy!

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