Special #4: Gregory Lehman on cultural beliefs around pain, the future of pain treatments, and prevalent myths about pain


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In this special episode of the podcast, I have an extraordinary guest - the highly skilled Canadian pain researcher, physiotherapist, chiropractor and educator Gregory Lehman. He is the proud owner of The Lehman Initiative (not) and in the episode, he not only shares professional golden nuggets, but also personal stories about his own pain experiences and his children’s pain experiences.

In the episode, we talk about, among other things:

  • What Gregory has learned from traveling the world teaching about pain.
  • Why it is so difficult to change cultural beliefs about pain.
  • How Gregory believe the future in treatment of pain should be like.
  • The biggest mistakes he sees people doing in their treatment for pain (both practitioners and patients).
  • Studying under Stuart McGill – for better or worse.
  • His biggest critique of “the pain science crowd”.
  • The most prevalent myths around pain (on static stretching, core exercises, specific exercises for pain, corrective exercises, posture, asymmetries/imbalances, what manual therapy can change).

Among other things, Gregory teaches his course “Reconciling Biomechanics with Pain Science”, where he strives to reconcile the two erroneous extremes that “biomechanics are paramount” or “biomechanics are irrelevant”. He helps clinicians and patients become more confident in the body's ability and adaptability focusing on graded exposure of load instead of categorizing movements as right or wrong (and then use avoidance as the main strategy).

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