Ep. 52 Chyla Walsh on being a female rebel


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Chyla Walsh on being a female rebel, cultivating authentic connections and following your wildest dreams Chyla Walsh is a entrepreneur, mama, teacher and founder of Female Rebels, a movement of women gathering in radical sisterhood the dreams of the future together. Chyla has worked with hundreds of women in her mission to unite women around the world in authentic connection and nourishing selflove practices. This episode we take a deep dive into all female and soul rebels, giving your the best practices and tools for cultivating deep connection and rising to your inner rebellion. We chat about: Chyla’s story growing up surrounded by sisters and leaving the sisterhood The journey that lead her to create Female Rebels The intention and story behind the brand name What rebelliousness and Rebels are to her The magical moments and expansive stories What facilitating hundreds of circles has taught her about female energetics How to lead your life from your essence and truth The sacredness of language and word energetics Debunking the complexities of our society and returning to the power of simplicity How to hold space for your boldly huge dreams and invite in support from the Universe and your community Her best tips for becoming a creative soulful entrepreneur and writing your own rules if business The power of art and creativity and how it’s rebelling the world right now Why the world needs exactly you as you are and how to take action on it We promise this episode will knock your socks off and light your inner flame of rebellion to follow your wildest dreams.

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