Trump v Biden 4: The Battle of the American Future (28.10.20)


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With one week until the voting deadline, things are moving fast in the US. Biden and Trump met each other for a final debate, Amy Coney Barret has been confirmed as the new Supreme Court Justice, the coronavirus epidemic is worse than it has ever been with spikes in key states and nationwide, and more than 65 million Americans have already voted. Compared to the national voter turnout in 2016, 47% of voters has already cast their ballots. In Texas, over 80% of the 2016 vote total, has already been achieved. But are these primarily Democratic votes? Traditionally, Republicans have run strong absentee ballot programs – but has that changed with Trump’s campaign against mail-in ballots? And if the early votes are mostly Democratic, will there be a significant red shift in the coming days and on November 3rd? How does the polls right now compare to the same point in the 2016 campaign? And what can we really tell from that? How will this election affect the state of the Republican Party? If Trump loses the election, and if the Republicans lose Senate seats in former red states – how will the GOP recover? As we were recording, Joe Biden was in Georgia and Mike Pence in South Carolina – what does that tell us about the campaigns right now? And what does it mean if Biden turns up in Texas in the coming days? Jim and Chip give their insights on what to look out for in the days leading up to November 3rd. Finally, Jim and Chip give their predictions on which candidate will win some of the key states, we have discussed in the podcast. This is the last episode before November 3rd – there is less than one week to go until election night: “Hu! Hold on to your hat!” Hosts: Sune Steffen Hansen, Jim Arkedis and Chip Felkel Producer: Thomas Nørskov Made in cooperation with A4 Media Part One: Intro (0:15) Part Two: Current State of the US (1:41) Part Three: The Senatorial Race and the GOP (20:25)

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