Episode 084: Chad Says Top Hats Are Okay


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Welcome to Episode# 084 for October 11th, 2021!

This week we start off in a hurry with 'Red's Rapid Report' before getting to the main event, 'Fox Noises': Our Interview with Co Creator of Convergence LARP and Co Writer of the Valborugh webcomic, Chad Schaffer!
We dive into what makes Chad tick; his passions and interests in being a writer and game designer as well as going into how LARPing influenced him, and how in turn, he's shaped the landscape to help create something great from lessons learned over the years.
Also, if you're up near Lake Zurch, Illinois any time soon, be sure to stop off at 'Copper Fiddle' distillery and to let Andrew know the Grey Muzzles sent you!
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