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Bedste Video Games Podcasts, vi kunne finde
Bedste Video Games Podcasts, vi kunne finde
Gaming has become increasingly popular over the years. Starting from traditional game consoles, gaming expanded itself to almost every device. If you are a sworn fan of video games, listening to video game podcasts is all you need to fetch all the news and save time and resources. Here you can find a wide selection of high quality podcasts which discuss about the latest games and new game releases, regardless of the platform and genre and about every aspect of gaming industry. All the platforms are covered; from PC to game consoles, Playstation to Xbox and smartphones, too. If you are a die-hard fan of LoL, DoTA, WoW, Minecraft you will find video game podcasts where established gamers share their thoughts, impressions, experience and recommendations. Also, you will have a unique chance to tell them how much you appreciate their work and ask them for guidance. If you are a game developer, there's a wide selection of game development podcasts, ranging from a beginner's game design tutorials to producing and promoting viral games.

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Fast Racing Neo udkom oprindeligt på Wii U og er blevet genudgivet på Switch som FAST RMX. Jeg ser tilbage på Wii U udgaven og dens DLC. Kan det her spil gå for at være F-Zero bare uden licensen, eller skal vi fortsat se langt efter et nyt spil i Nintendos serie? Twitter:…
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