English law in 10 minutes: Why is it important to know the difference between representations vs. warranties? (Ep. 3)


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Kumaran is accompanied by senior legal consultant Lachlan Salt, specializing in international transactions, to discuss the importance of knowing the differences between representations and warranties when drafting English law contracts. And what does Hammershøi have to do with reps and warranties? Find out in this third episode of the podcast series.
About the podcast series:
The differences between and application of English and Danish law are not insignificant, and to do business under both can often be complex.
In our new podcast series "English law in 10 minutes", partner Kumaran Thavarajah and director Katherine Hensby, together with their colleagues, discuss some of the questions that they often receive from clients transacting in, or in otherwise navigating, the legal system in England and Wales. From considerations around representations and warranties to exclusion clauses, and express and implied terms. Kumaran and Katherine sum up the most important key takeaways in each ten minute episode.

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