Episode 1. Meaghan Frank, Dr Konstantin Wines


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Welcome to the first Matthew Clark Interviews podcast, where we sit down with the industries key figures. In this episode it's Meaghan Frank, General Manager of Dr. Konstantin Frank Wines from the famed Finger Lakes region of New York State. It’s the American home of Riesling production, by 2012 the US had the world’s second biggest area of Riesling vineyards after Germany. Dr Konstantin Frank revolutionised wine growing in Finger Lakes after arriving in the US in 1951. He was a professor of plant sciences and had brought with him a vision that would elevate wine growing in the region. A decade later he founded his own winery on the back of his research, growing the delicate European vinifera grape varieties in the local climate. We chat to Meaghan about preserving the work of her forefathers, the philosophy behind their winemaking and the American dream story of Konstantin Frank who went from ridiculed for his ideas to renowned.

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