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Does your gym workout consistently get cut from your schedule? Enjoy your food too much to give it up for a diet? Paul Michaels your host is a 51 year old work-from-home-father of three teenagers, who finally gave up on the idea of going to the gym and in it’s place figured out how to live synchronously (combining exercise into everything he does). As a result lost 30lbs and walked a 1000 miles in 6 months - doing and eating what he normally does with only small changes. Now it’s your turn gain energy, permanent weight loss, regain your self image and live to your fullest potential (and looking hot while you do it!). The LifehackrDiet Soundcloud episodes will be packed full of easy to understand actionable tips, tricks and techniques anyone can do right now to lose weight and improve their well being. Visit for show notes and past episodes. Sign up for our free weekly newsletter packed with actionable tips and tricks. Subscribe to this podcast on Soundcloud and leave a review to let me know what other info you would like covered and feel free to review us (a positive review is appreciated!). Thank You.

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