How to: Overcome fear


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So I just had this great question in my inbox: “How to overcome fear?” Basically that was not the exact words on it, but that pretty much sums the whole point up. ⁣

So whether you feel scared or very (too!) uncomfortable about something fx sharing pictures of yourself on Instagram, because you dream of promoting your brand and know it might be necessary, or maybe you really want to write a book but hold yourself back because you’re afraid of the potential ‘no’ from the publisher house. Then we’re talking about the same and underlying feeling here - or state of mind: fear. ⁣

So how to overcome it? Well, I got some tips for you. ⁣

In this video I’m terrified. I was shaking while doing all of the red carpet interviews; there were cameras everywhere and thousands of young people screaming and yelling everywhere! I had my own television crew with me (behind me, which is why you can’t see them in this video) and I was so scared if they would be able to tell that I felt how I did. Because I wanted to remain professional and continue to seem that way too! ⁣

Here’s four big lessons I’ve learned during times of fear: ⁣

1. You have to feel the fear, and do it anyway ⁣

2. Fear doesn’t go away until you face it. Actually you make it worse by avoiding it ⁣

3. It means you feel strongly about something - lucky you! You’re a human being with emotions, so remember that fear is a sign of: something is very important to you. So my last tip is: ⁣

4. Let fear guide you. By that I mean: when fear arises, know yourself well enough to know, that you’re on some sort of track which is aligned with your dreams (which is why you feel so strongly about it) and that is a beautiful thing and a thing to envy itself. ⁣

So my big advise to you is: stay on track, even though you feel fear related feelings towards whatever makes you feel scared, and then feel the fear and do it anyway. ⁣

You’ll be so proud of yourself afterwards and gain even more strength for the next time to come, because you made it through anyway and know that you’re capable of doing that again another time. ❤️ xx J⁣

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