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So tonight I want to share with you how to get downloads/followers/grow your audience (readers, viewers or so on) faster! ⁣

And at the same time: optimise your effort on doing this in a smart way. Because I tell you, this is all about strategy and on how to use your time wisely. ⁣

So let’s go: when I do my podcast, then I always make sure to do these 3 things: ⁣

1. Use more social platforms! Personally then I’m on: YouTube, Instagram, I’m hosted as a blogger, LinkedIn, Facebook and then on my podcast platform. This means = every time I create a podcast episode then I’ll post it on all social media platforms in order to expand the traction BUT in different ways. Let me tell you: ⁣

2. Fx I’ll edit some of my podcast episode combined with a picture and upload it on all of my other platforms and copy paste a small section of the text from it that describes the theme/point/vision/mission with the podcast episode as a ‘teaser text’. Or I’ll copy paste the whole thing in as a blogpost. Or I’ll record myself while making the podcast and upload it as a vodcast on all of my platforms, with a customised description that fits each platforms identity. ⁣

In this way you can expand 1 product in many great ways, without having to do anymore work. You’ll make sure to brand yourself as much as you can and get your podcast episode (or whatever it may be) discovered by new potential followers/clients/customers. ⁣

It’s all about thinking in the strategy of expanding your 1 product, customising it each social platform and create a way to automate it. ⁣

My 3 tip is to make collaborations! Make other relevant people promote for your xxx on their social media platforms. ⁣

If you’re interested in learning more about how you can make them do that, then please comment below and I’ll dig into that too in another post. Enjoy! xx J⁣

⁣⁣⁣⁣** DM/EMAIL me if you need help with making your dreams come true. ⁣⁣
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