How to: Act natural in front of a camera


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If you’re doing YouTube, online courses, IG TV videos or work as presenting something (an online show/television show or so on) then this post is for you. ⁣

The last couple of days I’ve received some messages from some of you on how to act natural in front of a camera. ⁣

A few days ago I uploaded another post similar to this one about ‘how to be more comfortable showing up on video’. But the tips in this post will be slightly different. ⁣

So here they come, there’s 4 tips in total: ⁣

1. Imagine that the lens of the camera is someone you know. So wether you want to recall a sexy/chilled/funny/relaxed or so on attitude/vibe/face expression/look in the eye, then think of the person who makes you feel xxx and imagine them to be the lens of the camera. ⁣

2. Practise in front of a camera tons of times, just for yourself. Practise makes master. ⁣

3. Look a bit above the lens of the camera if it makes you feel too uncomfortable. We’re talking millimetres here!! ⁣

4. Zone out by focusing on what you’re there to do: explain something/make a point/deliver a message or so on. ⁣

I hope these tips will benefit you and help you to act and feel more natural in front of a camera. Good luck! xx J⁣

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