How to: Expand your network of new potential coaching clients


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This is a picture of my first office (which was my own and that I didn’t have to share with anyone else) and I literally had the greatest time there. ⁣

In the time period from 2013-2015 I had done more than 2.000 coaching sessions and how was that possible, starting as a complete newbie in the coaching field? ⁣

Let me tell you: it had everything to do with a LinkedIn strategy! ⁣

Today I have around 10.000 followers on LinkedIn which is primarily build from back then, when I used the strategy to book meetings with new potential clients and do some sale (the sale mainly happened afterwards on email). ⁣

So here’s some tips on how to build a network of potential new coaching clients, book the meeting and then afterwards do the sale: ⁣

1. Add people on LinkedIn who’s already working in the field you’re an expert in (fx if you’re an performance coach, then only add people from performance fields) ⁣

2. When they confirm your friend request then send them a message where you (very short) tell them who you are, what you’re offering and if possible then offer them a free coaching session so they can try it out for themselves and experience if it is for them and if you as the coach and them as the client is the right fit. ⁣

3. After finishing the session with them you present a future plan for the upcoming next 3 sessions ⁣

4. You give them some discount on buying more than 1 session at the time. ⁣

Try it out for yourself. In this way you’re expanding your network of potential new clients by being proactive. Remember this, and this goes in almost any field: more followers, means more potential customers which means more potential sale. ⁣

Becoming a busy coach is in my opinion a combination of being great at what you do, providing value of cause, being proactive and brave - but in my option then it’s also a bit of a numbers game. At least in the beginning, for you to get it all started and happening. Good luck! xx⁣

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