Ep 033: in Conversation with Adam Miron, billion dollar business owner


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In this episode, I'm speaking with Adam Chiron who is the author of the Billion Dollar Start-Up book. We talk about what it took for Adam to have the billion dollar business he has today as well as how he got started and how he came to retire at age 35.

Here are the highlights from this episode:

{2:58} How Adam and his business partner raised their first million dollars to start their business.

{8:08} The three most influential people and their roles in helping to grow Adam's business

{9:35} All about the Billion Dollar Start-Up book

{11:18} How Adam's entrepreneurial mindset began at age 10

{13:13} The biggest challenge so far in growing the business

{16:18} How coming from nothing helped Adam to bet everything

{19:04} The one piece of advice Adam wishes he'd had 10 years ago

{20:16} The resources Adam recommends for entrepreneurs

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