S2 E3: The Palaeogene


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Join host David Mountain as he ventures into the tropical world of the Palaeogene, 66-23 million years ago. If you’re looking for volatile climates, volcanic activity and some of the most remarkable mammals to have ever walked the Earth, then the Palaeogene could be the perfect getaway!

Providing the travel advice are two Palaeogene experts: Dr Monica Carvalho, a palaeobotanist with the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute (https://moccada.wixsite.com/paleobiology; https://twitter.com/moccada) and Dr Sergi López-Torres, a palaeontologist at the University of Warsaw (http://www.paleo.pan.pl/pracownicy/lopez_torres/lopez_torres.html; https://twitter.com/S_LopezTorres). If you want to learn more about the plants and animals of the Palaeogene world then be sure to check out their research!

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