Sahra-Josephine Hjorth / Co-founder at CanopyLab


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“It is a luxury to be an entrepreneur” says Sahra-Josephine Hjort the founder of the global company Canopylab in Copenhagen, Denmark.
In this podcast you will hear the true version of why the company is called CanopyLab and also how the name Sahra-Josphine Hjort appeared in the first place.
Sahra-Josphine Hjort opens up and tells us how she and her husbond started and launched the company, and how they got their first investor for their platform. Having an investor is super powerful but it also brings obligations.
Today it is possible for everybody to have free learning experiences at CanopyLab within topics like climate change, human rights, sexual activism and sustainable development goals. It is possible because of the investors, but also because they openly have dealt with the mistakes that had occurred over time.
Sahra-Josphine Hjort believes that there is a difference between knowledge and skills. And here lies the biggest difference between her platform and other more traditional learning platforms.
Listen now and get new inspiration for your own carrier or entrepreneur life.

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