#120 - Daniel Son & Ghost Notes


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In this episode of Run For Cover Cast we have a special guest visiting the store all the way from Toronto, Canada for an interview on the podcast. One of our favorite rappers right now - Daniel Son (@brown-bag-money) - was in Denmark performing in Næstved an working on projects with two Danish producers, one of whom - Ghost Notes (@ghostnotes92)- joins him in the podcast. Hear the story of Daniel Sons journey into hiphop, how it feels getting a SoundCloud message from one of your favorite rappers, being in the studio with a legend like DJ Muggs, visiting Europe and much more. Also hear the story of how Ghost Notes grew up in a small village of 150 people in Faroe Islands, how he discovered sampling, how their collaboration happened and hear an exclusive unreleased track with Daniel Son & Ghost Notes. Also hear a track from XP The Marxman (@xpthemarxman) who is playing live at our next jam at Forbrændingen the 11th of February along with his homie DoamPeace, Mystisk Lysfisk, Fede Poul, I Kicked A Cloud Once and Nyboe. Baggrundsmusik: Intro: Toxværd (@aaen1976) Interview: Ghost Notes (@ghostnotes92)

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