Working Smoothly with your Danish Colleagues


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Working with Danes has so many advantages, but it can also be tricky for internationals. Danish bosses provide less guidance - and less supervision! - than bosses in many other working cultures. You're often expected to take the initiative and innovate on your own, but also openly admit to mistakes when you've made them. And in Denmark, it's acceptable to politely disagree with your boss.

Your Danish colleagues will probably expect a culture of trust and teamwork, which can be something new if you're accustomed to an environment of individual achievement and competitiveness. Maintaining this trust is important, and so is taking basic steps to be part of the "social fit" on the job, like joining your colleagues for regular cake breaks (even if you don't like cake.)

Kay Xander Mellish, author of the book "How to Work in Denmark", has produced this exclusive podcast for Finansforbundet with tips and tricks for working with your Danish colleagues.

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