What to do: When feeling stuck while creating content


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So today I want to share some thoughts with you on how to move forward (in a productive and great way) even though you feel stuck during creating content. ⁣

Do you know the feeling of: ⁣

• Having no idea about what content to create for the day??? ⁣

• Getting stuck halfway through your process of creating some content. Everything went so well and you felt completely in flow, but all of a sudden something happens and you feel like your heart and mind is closing off for ideas, creativity or even a good language to write or speak in - or maybe it’s your thoughts getting all cloudy and you can think of nothing but: damn it! I don’t have time for this! I have a deadline in a few hours! ⁣

Maybe you keep forcing yourself to continue even though it doesn’t feel natural or smooth at all. And you can tell from your end/final results that your lack of being sharp in your mind/creative/on point or something else is lacking. ⁣

You know you can do better, but for whatever reason your body and mind is working against you. So, what to do? ⁣

Well, I had this experience myself today while I wanted to create a post for you guys and I know that feeling/experience so so well. Mainly from the times of writing a book or from the times of working on a podcast interview or a television show (as creating it.) ⁣

Here’s what I learned, I hope it will benefit you too: remove yourself from the situation - now. Both physically and mentally. ⁣

Go for a walk (get your body moving) and/or call a friend, listen to music, go have fun with your dog. You can’t force yourself out of the feeling of being stuck. ⁣

Remember this: everything rises and passes. Also feelings. So your feeling of being stuck won’t last forever. It’s only temporary. You might as well enjoy your time waiting for your sharpness/talent/creativity or so on to come back. xx J ⁣

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