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In a conversation with Martin Verlande, SAP Technology Architect at Norsk Hydro we hear how Hydro adopts new technologies using shaping and safeguarding processes. At Norsk Hydro IT has set aside time to ensure that the maturity of new technology offerings is continuously explored, so that the right technologies are always ready to be adopted when the business need arise. Martin gives a thorough analysis of the SAP Business Technology Platform. What is hot and what is not. We also discuss the key value add of classic SAP in terms of structured CI/CD processes and end-to-end monitoring of business process execution.


Martin Verlande, SAP Technology Architect, Norsk Hydro

Martin has been in the IT industry for many decades and started as a software developer. Eventually Martin ended up in the SAP ecosystem and through a series of different roles as software and enterprise architect is now SAP Technology Architect at Norsk Hydro. Martin is responsible for shaping and safeguarding SAP technology innovations in Norsk Hydro.

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Martin Verlande


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