18. Getting ready for 2023 California Budget Advocacy with guests Scott Graves, Christopher Sanchez, and Jennifer Fearing


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It's mid November and California budget revenue collections are way below projections. Paired with historically high rates of inflation, the Legislature may be facing a $25 billion deficit in FY 23-24. One big difference from budget deficits of the past, however, is the state has $23 billion saved in rainy day funds. Experts agree: Is the situation serious? Without a doubt. Is it a crisis? No.

So what does this mean for advocates?

Lobbying for new program investments is going to be hella difficult.

Does that mean we close up shop and go home? Heck no!

In this episode, recorded live on Monday, November 13, 2022, I talk with a California budget expert and fellow budget lobbyists about perilous budget conditions and what this portends for advocates in the new year.

I am joined by:

- Scott Graves, Director of Research at the California Budget and Policy Center

- Christopher Sanchez, Policy Associate at the Western Center on Law and Poverty

- Jennifer Fearing, President of Fearless Advocacy

We discuss:

  • What’s on your fall budget prep check list? (10:57)
  • The pros/cons of running a companion policy bill when you are lobbying a budget request (15:40)
  • How the state’s Budget reserves work (21:49)
  • Knowing how to lobby the budget will make you a better lobbyist (25:18)
  • How repurposing existing budget funding works (35:00)
  • What budget advocates might expect in the Governor’s second term (43:17)
  • What should we expect from our legislative champions? (51:36)
  • Persistence versus being a pest (55:11)

Hosted by Kristina Bas Hamilton, founder of KBH Advocacy.

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