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Deborah is delighted by this new software that simplifies breeding admin and forecasting like nothing ever before. Mauritz Hansen explains how the software evolved to include all the paperwork and the time-consuming tracking of dogs, heats, matings, and health facts replacing a very big hassle for breeders to track all the info on every dog and then maintain good records. Deborah points out that purebred dogs are vital to the world as they are needed for many finely skilled tasks we humans rely on such as seeing for the blind, detecting guns, or hunting and retrieving and that even though mutts are fantastic pets, there will always be a need for good purebred dogs.
Don’t pick a dog just on looks, since the breeds were made for special tasks, Deb advises, pick by what they were meant to do and how that suits your lifestyle. Pick a retriever or water dog If you love to be in and around water and pick a companion dog if you love to sit on the sofa! How did they get sled dogs to refuse to pay in snow for the Subaru commercial and how can you tell a purebred beagle from an imposter look-a-like? Tune in to find out.
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