Another love story: ”How did your parents meet?”


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Aftenskolen Episode XII - Another love story: ”How did your parents meet?” with Kripa Metha “Age? Job? Religion? Smoking status? Vegetarian?” Sounds like a dropdown-menu from a dating website? These are some of the questions asked in biodata-profiles for arranged marriages. In this episode of Aftenskolen, Kripa Metha tells us about her parents’ love story, which all started with two families looking for a suitable bride and groom. We discuss marriage as a commitment to your community, how one can learn to love and the consequences if an arranged marriage doesn’t work out. Moreover, we talk about privileges connected to the institution of marriage - who is allowed to marry, who has to marry to be allowed to stay in the same country and what financial benefits comes with marriage? Why can white bodies enter arranged marriages in reality TV – while we feel sorry for brown bodies doing the same? How queer is marriage equality really – and can queer families be a site for new ways of organizing communities and families?

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