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Transitioning from our teens to our twenties we sat on a mission to inspire our generation (and every awesome human inhibiting this Earth) to live a life of soul-alignment with themselves, each other and the Universe. What came out what this podcast! Inspired by our curiosity and passion for growing into a higher alignment, we bring you radical authentic, hearty and powerful conversations with guest who are not only f*cking amazing, talented and wise, but who are the SUPER SOULS of our life. Tag along for your weekly doze of SOULFOOD in topics such as spiritual growth, health and leadership, always jam-packed actionable with tips and tools to make a positve change right here right now. We love connecting with our community, and SOULIES remember always: Be the light by keeping it light, celebrate your human messiness and follow the sparkle of joy - wake up to a life beyond your wildest dream

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