Wearables, Fintech & Expanding Use Cases with Nathan Elliott of Statis Ring


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With a career that covers both media and technology, Nathan Elliott applies a diverse mix of skills as the President and CEO of Statis Ring, a smart ring platform that delivers a contactless features such as business card networking, access control and tap payments. He is a visionary, an innovative strategist, and a mobile technology expert. He understands the systems and infrastructures that are vital for creating long-term value in the mobile tech space. A serial entrepreneur, Nathan strives to be an inspirational thought leader on representation and the changing face of entrepreneurship. He has also dedicated his work to empowering underserved individuals and communities to act and proactively be the change they want to see.
His mobile app launch on the app store and google play Aug 1st. Order your ring now on our website. www.statisring.com
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