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VC Minute is quick advice to help startup founders fundraise better.
This is Part 1 of the Season 1 complication, covering Episodes 1-25.
With short episodes—1-2 minutes—released every workday, founders get guidance into the dynamics of seed stage financing. Every episode is packed with insights and actionable advice. Learn more here:
This compilation contains the following episodes in order:
1-VC Pool Party
2-Chief Pool Party Officer
3-Communicating to You Pool Party
4-Overstating Commitments
6-Expect more SHITS
7-Drive Action, Not Conviction
8-Work Within Investors Systems
9-Week 1 Wrap
10-Put Your Email in the Deck
11-Work Your System
12-Sales Process
13-Pooled Interest
15-Lead Investor
16-VC Treadmill
17-Here, There, Capital
19-Target Raise
21-Finding Investors
22-Referrals to Investors
23-Updating Investors
24-Tell an Investor You're Interested
25-Don't Email Everyone in the Firm
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SpringTime Ventures seeds high-growth startups in healthcare, fintech, logistics, and marketplace businesses. We look for founders with domain expertise, forging a path with a truly transformative technology. We only invest in software-based businesses in the USA. We bring a people-focused approach, work quickly, and reach conviction independently. Our initial check size is $400k to $600k. You can learn more about us and our approach.

About Rich Maloy

Rich's mission is to rebuild the American dream through entrepreneurship. He works with early stage startups transforming the world, giving all people the opportunity to grow, learn and earn. With prior careers in finance and sales, he's now focused on startups investing through SpringTime Ventures where he is a Managing Partner. He's a father of two young children and loves sci-fi, skiing, and video games.

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