Videnskabsteoretiske tvister: Who sets the norms for academic debate? (23/5-2016)


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Irene Torres (ph.d.-student), Sue Wright (professor) and Kirsten Hyldgaard (ph.d. and lector/associate professor) contribute to the subject of this Twist. Torres has visited several different universities in the world, and states that the Danish universities seem very closed. She compares her experiences at DPU with a university in Holland and suggests that DPU should cultivate more openness internally. Wright talks critically about different kinds of academic performances, measured output, the hierarchy in publications, and she argues that if we want a particular academic community we must build it ourselves. Hyldgaard’s talk, named “Paranoia in academia”, is a very exciting and courageous psychoanalytical analysis of the case “Staunæs-Juelskjær-Rømer” (listen to the twist from 23/11-2015, “Kritikkens former”, keyword: Thomas Aastrup Rømers klagesag ved DPU).

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