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The story seems simple enough: An elderly man returns to his homeland to build a house for his family. And this man, Julian, seems a congenial, inviting presence: Always offering food, drink, and conversation. But in Iliana’s Sosa’s new documentary about her beloved grandfather, “What We Leave Behind,” there’s always a sense of mystery lurking.

Sosa builds this tone through her beautiful cinematography which captures not only everyday Mexican life, but also the deeper time of a place which contains the ruins of “The House of 100 Doors”--built for a demanding Spanish bride–as well as a rock named “El Castillo” where witches live. The result is a very personal film which also pulls us into the history of a family both Mexican and American, as well as the broader cultural and even economic relationship between the two nations. The film ultimately poses the question to all of us: What will be our legacy?

What We Leave Behind is now playing on Netflix.

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