Episode 581 | "Mister Meat"


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The JBP returns following the holiday and shares how their Thanksgiving was spent (2:54), followed by the gangs' reactions to a picture of Dallas Cowboy owner Jerry Jones that recently resurfaced from 1957 (27:55). Next, Wallo gets roasted for his Target shopping spree (42:12) and comments made to Ben Watson’s wife open up further discussions on "do’s and dont’s" with a significant other (52:47). Also, Ish shares information on a Balenciaga ad that is under fire (1:13:00). And lastly, the crew address Adam22’s fight clip (1:34:38), a Mercedes subscription service (1:47:52), Part of the Show (1:52:17), + MUCH MORE!

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Sleeper Picks:

Joe | Baby B - “Baddest Girl”

Ice | Tsu Surf feat. FL3A - “POETRY”

Parks | 38 Spesh x Harry Fraud feat. Jim Jones - “Target Practice”

Ish | Tone Stith - “B.E.D”

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