S2:E26 - Misadventures in Missing Time From The Open Road | Highway Hypnosis, Alien Abductions & More!


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Welcome back to The Freaky Deaky! In today's episode the boys sit down to swap stories of Missing Time from on the open road. There are a great deal of accounts of people that seemingly lose multiple hours while driving, or traveling the roads. Although some can be attributed to Highway Hypnosis, a form of auto pilot that our minds can sometimes slip into when things get too mundane (a terrifying thought as well), the stories we cover in today's episode are seemingly unexplainable, and bear striking resemblances to stories we've heard about UFO's and Alien Abduction cases of years past. What do you think? We'd love to hear some of your theories behind the stories in today's episode! Comment on our social media pages and give us the deets!

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