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Welcome to The Freaky Deaky, an Alaskan Paranormal/Comedy podcast where a father-in-law (skeptic) and son-in-law (believer) “respectfully disagree” about almost everything regarding paranormal phenomena, and the unexplained. Catch new episodes every Thursday covering topics ranging from ghosts and bigfoot, to alien abductions and time travel, featuring allegedly true stories found from sources all over the world (read: internet). --- Send in your experiences with the paranormal or unexplained to hear them discussed on the show, riddled with pronunciation errors, unsolicited tangents, and lighthearted roasting (of each other, not you. We like you.) Use the email below, or leave us a voicemail at 801-997-0051 --- Email: Website: Merch: --- Did We Just Become Best Friends? --- Instagram: @freakydeakypod Facebook: @freakydeakypod TikTok: @tfdparanormal YouTube: The Freaky Deaky Podcast (Bonus Stories, Videos & Shorts)

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