412: How Zeb Evans Faced Death and Built Clickup into Tech Disruptor


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After multiple near-death experiences, Zeb Evans decided to build a business that was net positive on the world. However, he didn’t realize that a custom internal productivity tool would become the business he was searching for. In 2017, Evans cofounded ClickUp, an all-in-one productivity management tool now valued at $4 billion.

Listen to Nathan and Zeb discuss:

  • Selling Disney DVDs from his hospital bed
  • How a home invasion motivated him to drop out of school
  • Starting his first company Fast Followerz from customized social tools
  • How an unexpected seizure pushed him to move to Silicon Valley
  • Building ClickUp as an internal tool and discovering its value
  • The early days of ClickUp and living in a stereotypical startup house
  • Why investors were shocked that ClickUp was profitable
  • Maintain culture while scaling at a rapid rate
  • Why Zeb takes a bath every evening
  • And much more tech startup advice…

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