Episode 64 - ONE YEAR BACK!


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Josh takes a moment to recount the last year of the podcast and thank those who have made it such a great experience.

Special thanks to the following people and their awesome podcasts:

Brendan & Matt at UnChefed*

Cesar and the Pod Squad at the No on 15! All-Cast*

Special K & Matt (2) from For Real?*

Joey, Tim & Slade at Video Game Club*

Sean at Review It Yourself*

Blue, Rainey and Liz from The Red Dove

Antonio at The Cultworthy & Cultworthy Classic*

Jay & Kay at Fuck My Work Life*

Dan & Lou at Casting Views*

Josh & Amanda at Super Familiar with the Wilsons

Matt & Adam at Decayin' with the Boys

Leo Allen from Voluntary Input

Justin Hensen from The Movie Wire

Karen & Anne from Sugar Coated Murder

Raphael from The Geeky Dad Podcast*

The Lords of Swine

Nick from Nikoli’s Kitchen & Livestream for the Cure

Silver Screen Savers

Multiverse of Badness

ODPH podcast

Josh at the Twist My Arm Network/Quest Me show

Adam Rose

Kyle Higgins

Ryan Parrott

Mat Groom

Michael Busuttil

Melissa Flores

Knight of the Living Podcast

Comic Book Keepers

Matt Martin

*(If Josh had a guest episode on one of these pods, they are linked in the episode name)

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