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I have lived like the world was ending at any moment because that was how i was raised to think. When I talked about what I felt was really going on in the world I would usually get that ’deer in the headlight’ look back at me. I wanted to share the info I was coming across but felt I had no place to go with it so I went looking for a place to voice it! I have tried numerous different venues through the years (i.e. youtube, blogger, personal website, facebook, twitter) only to be censored like nobody’s business. This week (2/26/22) i have landed myself in Youtube jail for my video content on Elections 2020. And again in the month of June 2022 earned my second strike which ultimately was the reason for my removal of most of my truthful videos. I am tired of the censorship so am stepping out in Faith once again to see if anybody is interested in hearing my dribble! Please show your appreciation by hitting the donate button at the top of this page.....any amount helps!

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