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Java is a write once run anywhere programming language. The way you do that is you use the javac compiler and compile the source files down to the class files. Those class files can run on any system in interpreted mode. But those class files that are run in interpreted mode, they are not machine code specific. To get that code to run fast you need to turn that into optimized machine code and that’s what the JIT compiler does. The open JDK contains its JIT compiler called Hotspot.

Azul is a company that specializes in Java for the enterprise. It has the largest Java engineering team after Oracle. John Ceccarelli is the Senior Director of Product Management at Azul Systems responsible for Azul Platform Prime which is their hyper optimized build of OpenJDK. In this episode we explore the fundamentals of compilers. We also discuss Azul’s Cloud Native Compiler, the programs that are suitable for the Cloud Native Compiler and the Deployment model of CNC.

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