#21 - ”Technology is too important to be left for technologists”


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That’s the view from Linda Liukas, a Finnish author and illustrator of a coding book for children called Hello Rubi, who joins our podcast. Linda works closely with teachers in Finland, and she argues that the secret sauce to the Finnish school system’s success has to do with a combination of their cultural heritage, teacher autonomy and creativity. As globalization and digitalization rapidly transform jobs and societies – especially now with the current COVID-19 pandemic – we need to invest in skills and competencies required for a new digital reality. But what will the new digital reality look like? And how are we going to equip our educational system and teachers for it?
Host: Peter Mogensen, CEO of the Danish think tank, Kraka.
Guests: Linda Liukas, Finnish Children’s book Author, Speaker and Founder of Hello Ruby and Anders Dons, Nordic CEO of Deloitte.

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