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The pandemic has laid bare some fundamental truths that we’re just now learning. In this show, you’ll learn how shifting attitudes and beliefs have led us to behave in surprising ways. But, as Kevin and Amy state in this episode, we can turn the tide. They ask:: What is our place in changing society?

We’re at the beginning of a new awakening where we can center ourselves to become more empathetic towards ourselves and others. Empathy and compassion have real applications and practice that can be learned and improved over time. Our work now will set the stage for a large culture shift and deeper understanding of wellbeing for the world.


The main topics in this podcast were first presented in Amy’s book: Empathy for Change: How to Create an Understanding World: Grab a copy or download the audiobook on Audible to learn more.

Kevin A.K.A Captain Empathy is the Founder and CEO of Jaago (means to wake-up in Hindi). Jaago’s vision is to create a world where people seek to understand one another by making empathy a daily habit. He is a tech leader and IOT (Internet of Things) pioneer and expert. He brings practical experience, lived experience, and his transparent growth journey to the podcast.


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