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Rock Your Kindness highlights extraordinary stories of everyday people experiencing life-changing kindness. Whether it's a random act, saves a life, or helps you be kinder to yourself, these stories will increase empathy, compassion, and hope. You never know how your kindness can change the trajectory of your life or the life of another.

Rock Your Kindness is hosted by Tracey Ferrin. Tracey is a mother, wife, best-selling author, and TikTok superstar. She is often called a "breath of fresh air" by those who know and meet her. She is a mom of 4 and has been married to the love of her life for 18 years. Together, they call Texas home.

In this episode, Tracey and Samantha talk about Samantha’s calling to become a LIVE organ donor, the inspiration from her uncle and social media, the process of getting medically cleared, the risks of surgery and much more!

“Sadly, 8,000 people die each year on average, 22 people each day, Almost one person each hour because the organs they need are not donated in time.”

Show Notes:

  • [0:00] Welcome back to Rock Your Kindness Podcast, hosted by Tracey Ferrin
  • [0:39] Introduction to episode with guest Samantha
  • [1:36] Let's tune in to the story Sammy shared with Love What Matters
  • [2:00] Question: So I want you to tell me about that phone call that you gave your mom, letting her know that you wanted to be a living organ donor.. Let's dive into that!
  • [3:23] Inspiration from an IG story
  • [4:30] Question: So what was it about your friend's post on Instagram that inspired you to do that? Can you tell me a little bit about her and what she did?
  • [5:56] “Sadly, 8,000 people die each year on average, 22 people each day, Almost one person each hour because the organs they need are not donated in time.”
  • [10:38] Post surgery evaluation process
  • [11:30] Question: Can you tell me more about the process that you had to go through to become a living organ donor?
  • [15:17] Question: What were the risks that you were willing to take to do this?
  • [18:05] We need your liver now.. We have a match!
  • [21:06] Day of surgery
  • [23:22] “I had to remind myself several times that the recipient went from feeling extremely ill to full of life again, and the pain I was feeling was only temporary.”
  • [30:18] Question: Did you ever find out anything about who received your liver donation or were you able to meet them?
  • [33:25] If you're interested in learning more about living organ donation, please visit
  • [33:33] Thanks for listening to this episode of Rock Your Kindness. If you know someone this story might resonate with, send them a link to this episode. Also tag me Tracey Ferrin on Instagram at @Traceyferrin and let me know what part of this story resonated with you the most. The best way to help support this show is to rate, review and subscribe. :) Until next time.. Rock Your Kindness


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