🇬🇧 How to Publish Your Book in the Future with Web3 technology


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About Malene Bendtsen:

Malene Bendtsen is an author and a business strategist teaching experts, teachers, public speakers and other freedom seekers how to write, publish and market their books. She is also the editor of more than 30 nonfiction books which on average sold 5x market average and created significant business growth for the author.

Malene is a futurist at heart and as a business model innovator, she is determined to find new ways for authors to connect with their audience and strategically use their books to build their businesses.

Her personality is fun, passionate and provocative, and as a publishing rebel and a knowledge liberator, there are no darlings she won’t kill. She is currently writing a book on how Web3 may disrupt the publishing industry in the very near future.


Guest: Malene Bendtsen

Website: https://www.goosebump.pub/

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/bendtsen/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/MaleneBendtsen

Mail: mb@malenebendtsen.com

Host: Jesper Bram



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