🇬🇧 Blockchain based Games: How to Avoid In-Game Economy Crashes


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In this episode of the Metaversecast.fm podcast, we are joined by Theo Priestly, CEO of Metanomic! We chat with him about how to make great blockchain-based games where the in-game economy doesn't crash. Theo shares his insights on web3 gaming, play2earn models, and more!

We are many who like what's possible when you merge blockchain and games. But so far nobody in the Play2Earn space has been able to create a sustainable ecosystem that survives when the new player ratio drops below the in-game asset creation ratio. Basically things crash when the hype stops and supply becomes bigger than demand. Just like they would in any other market.

As you will hear in this episode. Maybe that's not so strange, since conventional gaming studios like Blizzard and others have tried similar constellations for the past 20 years and still haven't made it work.

So what is it we're not learning from the past, that will keep haunting us until we've cracked the code? That's what we're talking about in this episode.

Guest: Theo Priestly

Host: Jesper Bram



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