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This is a purely electronic piece based entirely on PRIME NUMBERS. It's based on the first 196 prime numbers, and both rhytm, melodi and sound (frequency modulation) is based on this series of primes. There are two voices, one rhytmically delayed SEVEN STEPS in the prime sequence from the other. The two voices are based on the same principles, IE, primes are their basis, but moved one step in the sequence... The rhythms calculated as the difference between one prime and the next, and this difference is multiplied by a factor (also a prime), thus creating a sequence of notes, with the relative distance 1 (3-2) 2 (5-3) 2 (7-5) 4, 8, 4, 6, etc. Since the primes are spaced more and more out, the larger they get (except from the socalled TWIN PRIMES), the rhythm will be experienced as slower and slower... There are melodic patterns that seem to repeat...

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