SCP Archives — Midnight Disease


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The SCP Foundation is a collaborative fiction project where users from across the world create stories and entries, similar to the creepypasta community. Unlike the creepypasta community, format plays a large role in the SCP community, most entries are written in a government dossier style document, detailing an anomalous object that has been “secured” by the fictional “Foundation.” The enties include the item number, it’s safety classification, containment protocols of said object, and often time addendums which detail experimental logs or interviews. Entries detail anything from a cursed stairwell, an immortal Witchdoctor, magic coffee machine, sentient graffiti, to even Bigfoot(s).

SCP Archives is taking these stories and giving them audio drama treatment. The first part of every episode will be a narration delivered by Jon Grilz, while additional actors are brought in to perform the addendums, that will have a more traditional audio drama feel. Whether you’re following a team as they try to capture an alien monster, or listening to the diary of a man trapped in a hellish living IKEA, each segment will feature full immersive sound design to give as much depth as possible to these tales.

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