S2E53 -Chapter Fifty-Three: The Traveller From Beyond Time!


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Sorry about the delay, but WMU?!? is back for 2021 with another installment in our series looking at spinoff books from SF franchises, and this time up it’s Doctor Who! Appropriately for a series that’s all about finding new variations on its main character, the foundational British SF show came in a lot of different, mutually contradictory iterations during the years after its cancellation in 1989 and before it was brought back. Today we’re joined by our friend (and Who spinoff author himself) Andrew Hickey to look at Alien Bodies by Lawrence Miles, a non-canon “Eighth Doctor” book that’s had a tremendous impact on the mythos of Who, including the series itself.

As with our similar shows about Star Wars and Star Trek spinoff books, we had a very substantial and LONG discussion about the franchise in question, leading to an extra-long episode. This publicly-available version has been edited down to just over an hour but we really do recommend the full version with lots more interesting discussion, which you can get by subscribing to either Adam’s or Phil’s Patreon. Stay subscribed and you get bonus stuff and the ability to listen to the show early, as well as comics, illustrations, prose and more!

Truly, What Mad Universe?!? is the podcast that’s bigger on the inside…

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