Let Them Go: Episode 01 - The Messages


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January 1, 2015

We travel back to the beginning; 1872, the year the timeline divided and the New Century Multiverse began. This is the story of what happened one dark night in England, on All Hallows Eve.

Rebecca Wolverton performed by Sharon Shaw

Amanda Culver performed by Theo Leigh

William Smythe and Mr Galloway performed by Matt Wardle

Caruthers performed by James Batchelor

Delivery boy performed by Paschal Dooley

Blacklight composed by Ross Bugden

All other music including Satiate, Stormfront and Cambodian Odyssey composed and performed by Kevin MacLeod of Incompetech.com

Many soundscapes provided by Tabletop Audio.

The production of New Century is funded by you guys on Patreon.

And our special $15 sponsors get namechecked each week so a huge extra thank you to: Joel Robinson, Abel Savard, Luke Hatfield, Nick Ord, Sarah Montgomery, Duran Barnett, Tom Painter, Finbar Nicholl, Jamas Enright, Marc Lucksch, Dan Mayer, Joe Crow, Chris Finik, Tony Jungius, Dave Hickman, Aaron LaCluyze, David Garcia Abril and Lorraine Chisholm.

And this show hasn’t had an iTunes review since early 2017 on the USA store and late 2016 in the UK store so if you enjoyed the beginning of this new series, maybe jump on there and tell the world that you’re excited to see where we’re going.

We shall see you next week when we journey back to the childhood of our new heroes.

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