#20 Tim Zimmerman


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Hello and welcome to stage ready. My name is Emil, I’m your host and today I’m going to be talking to choreographer Tim Zimmerman. Tim has choreographed more than 100 shows throughout his career, and his experience and knowledge of the trade and business is equally astounding and important, and I am very grateful, that he has taken the time so share something about his process and methods. Tim is the type of choreographer who works and treats his dancers like they are trained actors. To Tim every movement tells a story and has a story behind it – which during the past two decades has made him renowned for the phrase: “Stop the fucking dancing”. Tim shares his thoughts of how to approach his craft, and he open up, in a very honest and personal way, to why he has made a very deliberate change to his own temper. From a hot head who could throw tantrums, to a stern leader who wants his dancers to be better than they thought they could. So, pour the coffee and lean back. Stage ready.

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