E456 - Heather Parady - How to be confident being uncomfortable.


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Today I get to speak with my good friend Heather Parady.

Heather used to be a therapist and then decided to take the leap into the online space to see what kinda damage she could do there. She started as a photographer and freelancer, ended up podcasting (over 1000 episodes total), and then started helping therapists, and coaches build online programs.

This is gonna be a fun and exciting conversation with one and only Heather Parady!

Our Guest

Heather Parady

Hacks to Take Away

  • It's a little bit different when your office is at home.
  • When you tie that back into the family, the number of hours that are put into free content takes away from family time and takes away from all this other stuff. It's insanity.
  • Podcasts enable you to socialize network and build your network and your mind. For better conversations, and better relationships over time.
  • The only way to clone yourself is to hire people.
  • You have learned in order for you to grow.
  • A sign of maturity is asking for help.

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