E440 - DJ Strick - How to build a legacy in media production through community and leadership.


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Today we get to speak with DJ Strick. With over 20 years of experience in media production and community-based leadership, Stephen Strickland, also known as “Strick,” is a fresh voice in the streaming world. For 13 years he was the host of the widely popular 95.7 Gospel Jamz FM, a weekly program that aired on radio in Birmingham, Alabama. While there, he established a following that he now reaches virtually. Currently, he is the Assistant Pastor and Media Director for New Rising Star Church. He is also the host of Strick City LIVE, a one-hour weekly lifestyle show on Thursday nights. In addition, he is the producer of the syndicated jazz radio program, “Block Party Radio”, which airs in over 20 markets.

Let's jump into this conversation as we learn the origins of DJ Strick

Our Guest

DJ Strick




Website: https://thestreamshow.live/

Hacks to Take Away:

  • You got to figure out how to gain an audience.
  • Having a purpose in what you do is the most important thing.
  • That one video that just goes viral will validate your work as you're chasing the rabbit.
  • Sometimes it takes people a long time to figure out their niche.
  • Being involved in a community where you can find other people like yourself, that you can glean from, that you can learn from that could help you.

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